Intelligent and impactful video solutions that enhance your business processes

Flabba offers intelligent and impactful video solutions, scaleable and designed to leverage the power of online video communications to enhance your business processes.
Our intelligent video platform is the only video enabled SaaS that rapidly and securely delivers business efficiency 

Key Product Offerings

Our product mission is simple, we want to help our clients make improvements to their operational business processes through use of online video communications, integrated with collaboration workflows & features

Video Recruitment

Connect with qualified candidates remotely, say goodbye to wasted interviews, and engage in a seamless online interview experience.

Healthcare – Remote Patient Consultations

Connect with patients remotely, securely, and quickly through the web for a more convenient healthcare solution.

Visa Processing

Secure intelligent video solutions, intuitive interview booking, and limitless storage for comprehensive processing control.

Seamless Online Intelligent Video Communications

Today’s businesses deserve a video-enabled business-driven SaaS that offers them the power to rapidly and securely address their business efficiency needs all across the board by wrapping innovative business workflows, document management and bespoke business features around online video communications. Flabba makes the difference!

Endless Opportunities With Multiple Distinct Platforms

Our Central Architecture, from which all our solutions are built, enables us to create modular fast/flexible Video enabled SaaS solutions, bespoke to your needs, that will improve your business processes. Where you go, we go!

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