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Frequently Asked Questions

Why not use skype?

Skype doesn't add any value to a business process. Our solutions are features and process flow rich ensuring maximum value and improvements to standard business processes.

Do I need to download something?

No. Our prime solution is entirely browsers based. No need for troublesome downloads. All you need to access our solutions is a laptop/mobile device that has a webcam and built in microphone and access to the internet…simple!

Do you work with existing videos solutions (Teams, Zoom etc.)?

Yes. We are Video Conference (VC) platform agnostic so we can plug into any pre-existing VC infrastructure.

How quickly can you set me up.?

I'm glad you asked. That is one of our strong points. We have designed our solutions so that they can be very quickly rolled out and even customized. Add to that, we have a fantastic Agile team who will work tirelessly to get you up and running extremely rapidly.

Do you create custom solutions?

Yes, we have an extremely Agile technology team that will be able to create the perfect video enabled solution for you.

Are you GDPR compliant?

Yes, we are fully GDPR compliant, please see our privacy statement – Flabba GDPR Privacy Policy

Is it secure?

Highly. We are approved by the UK Government, are Cyber Essentials accredited and ISO27001 accredited.

Can I trial it?

Of course. Just reach out to us to ask for a free trial.