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Perfect for any businesses in need of giving their recruitment strategies a boost; our video interview software is chock-full of helpful features to make sure that you recruit the right people for the job.





Our Video Interview Recruitment Software

Flabba is an online video interview and end to end recruitment management platform designed to enable Clients to identify and interview Candidates from not only the UK but all over the world in a more accurate, timely and cost effective manner. 

Candidates are invited to either live multi-participant video interviews or one-way interviews, answering timed questions into their webcam. All supporting documentation can be viewed during the interviews. All interviews are recorded and securely shared with defined Reviewers. Reviewers are prompted to review each interview allocated to them. They can then rate and comment on the interviews. You can then filter interviews based on rating score. All interviews & supporting documents are stored for audit.


Key Benefits

Customers of the Flabba Video platform, enjoy just some of the following benefits;

  • Customers have experienced a 50% reduction in their recruitment costs and time to hire by using Flabba.
  • No more geographical barriers to recruitment
  • No more diary conflicts because interviews can be carried out from anywhere, no need to get all attendees into one room
  • Multiple points of due diligence ensure great levels of scrutiny and accuracy of screening.
  • Reduced carbon footprint of recruitment.


Key Features

Evaluating Candidates

With our extensive evaluative options and tools, you can rate and review all candidates that you interview with more ease and organisation than ever before.

  • Rating engine to rate and comment on all candidates.
  • Collaborate with colleagues. Multiple reviewers can rate and comment on interviews ensuring a far greater degree of due diligence is applied to screening.
  • Click on specific questions of interest to fast forward recordings to the desired part of the interview.

Managing Interviews

Flabba offers a range of helpful tools and services to help you keep track of and manage all of your candidate interviews:

  • Invite and attract candidates, by easily adding in marketing videos to your adverts and invites.
  • Built-in automated workflows to keep momentum of the recruitment process.
  • Automated and direct messaging via email and text.
  • Set reminders and messaging around key milestones.
  • Securely share all recorded interviews for review.

Software Security

We pride ourselves on having one of the most secure video recruitment softwares around:

  • ISO 27001 accreditation, the international standard for a best practice ISMS.
  • An IT health check pass from the Home Office.

One-Way & Two-Way Interviews

With Flabba, candidates can send in their pre-recorded responses to your interview questions in the form of a one-way interview. Or, you can conduct a live, two-way interview with multiple people on the call:

  • Set maximum answer lengths.
  • Conduct video interviews directly in the web browser.
  • Record all interviews for playback, storage and later review.
  • Live interviews allow for a true first impression of all candidates.
  • Run interviews with multiple stakeholders present; for varied opinions on potential candidates.

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